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The ULTIMATE Destination For All Your NYC Stripper Needs!

The Bachelor Party Stripper Hookup features the hottest Female Strippers for hire in NYC!

Exotic Dancer Entertainment and Sexy Staff

Looking for strippers in Manhattan, and Strippers in NYC, NY? Well... you've come to the right place! Our NYC Stripper company provides the hottest female exotic dancer entertainment in NYC. If you're celebrating an NYC-style bachelor party, NYC birthday party, or NYC guy's night out and need some hot female strippers in NYC, we've got you covered with all your NYC Stripper Needs! Our NYC female strippers also make perfect graduation gifts. Get Hooked Up Today with the hottest strippers in NYC!

Hot female Stripper




Add SEX appeal

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The Best Bachelor Party in NYC is HERE with the hottest bachelor party strippers!


Epic bachelor parties in NYC are what make a most memorable experience. When done correctly, NYC female strippers will make for great memories and a great time. Just because your friend's idea of a great time doesn’t consist of a hot New York Strip club doesn't mean that your NYC bachelor party is going to be lame. You should mix it up and be creative when creating the perfect NYC bachelor party for your best friend or yourself. Average bachelor parties consist of going to an NYC strip club, pole dancing female strippers in NYC, and beer or alcohol. NYC creativity is endless when it comes to hiring female strippers! Rent a new venue such as an NYC cabin, boat, or Airbnb, and hire a hot NYC stripper from The Bachelor Party Hookup to have a creative night out!

So, what kind of bachelor party can you have while being creative, original, and entertaining? The Bachelor Party Strippers Hookup adds an extra flair to your Bachelor party no matter how it is done. We can help you organize your events of the evening topped off with a hot and sexy female stripper or strippers in NYC!


The basic thought when you mention a bachelor party in NYC, NY is a hot NYC stripper jumping out of a cake. This idea has been portrayed in TV shows, movies, documentaries, and YouTube videos. This is the original American bachelor party tradition. You can have an NYC bachelor party just like this or one more original and creative. Don't take a chance with a new or junk company to hire your important stripper! Use The Bachelor Party Hookup and rest assured you will have a great time!


Before you book Strippers in NYC, be sure that this is indeed what the groom is comfortable with and if you have any questions CONTACT US. Also, ensure that it is okay for all of the guests and not an embarrassing experience for everyone. Would the groom's future bride approve? If everyone is okay and down with the experience, then it is okay to pull the trigger and hire a sexy NYC stripper from The Bachelor Party Stripper Hookup! We have many, MANY, strippers in NYC for you to hire. Hiring a stripper in NYC is easy with The Bachelor Party Strippers Hookup.


Before booking a New York City female stripper you should do your research. Be sure to check reviews from real people who have used the company. Make sure that they are not fabricated reviews and contact them whenever possible. Ask the reviewer about the strippers themselves, are they HOT and talented? Did they have a great personality and are outgoing? The Bachelor Party Strippers Hookup provides the best quality, exotic dancers in NYC. If you are pressured into a decision by any company, look elsewhere. We will never pressure you into hiring a female stripper so you can be sure we are here for your needs. Reputable companies don't use scare tactics or pressure.


Before you decide to book a bachelor NYC party stripper with any other company in New York, NY, give us a call. Exotic dancers near me in NYC or hiring a stripper near me in NYYC is what most fellas are searching for online because hiring a stripper is sometimes a spontaneous affair. If the private party is in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, or even Long Island, finding a reliable and reputable stripper company in NYC that is classy, elegant, and offers the hottest female strippers is easy, you just found it!

Bachelor Party

Are you a bachelor, celebrating a bachelor party in NYC? The Bachelor Party Hookup has you covered. We have experienced female strippers ready to make it a night you and your friends will remember. All of our exotic dancers in Manhattan are trained to provide an unforgettable experience. We enhance your experience with bachelor party games for that special man of the night and all of our strippers are specifically trained to provide an exciting time. When you are putting an end to a single life, you need a great celebration with a beautiful stripper in NYC NY. This is the perfect bachelor party idea. Don’t hesitate, Hire a Manhattan stripper today!

Birthday Party Strippers 

Are you having a birthday party in MANHATTAN? Want a stripper to sing Happy Birthday and give a birthday lap dance? Our female strippers in NYC NY will do that! Our female exotic dancers are the perfect way to celebrate any birthday. Our limber strippers will give the birthday boy the lap dance of his dreams. If you are searching for a birthday party or birthday gift idea then look no further than The Bachelor Party Hookup and hire a stripper today!

Holidays Party Strippers 

Our female strippers are always ready to celebrate in Manhattan during the holidays. Any holiday; 4th of July, New Year’s and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Memorial Day, Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Boss’s Day, or whatever NYC celebrates – our strippers are ready to party, dance, and show you and your friends a great time! Our dancers in NYC are ready to go to show you a great time during the holidays. Contact us to inquire about an NYC holiday party stripper today!


Graduation Party Strippers 

Are you graduating from college in Manhattan and looking for a fun and exciting way to celebrate? Let off some steam before you have to enter the workforce full-time by hiring a female stripper in NYC from The Bachelor Party Hookup! The best way to unwind and prevent burnout is by having fun, the most fun you will have is by hiring your very own female stripper! Celebrate your accomplishments by hiring a female exotic dancer in NYC!

Bachelorette Party Strippers 

Hot female strippers aren’t just limited to boys! You can hire female strippers in NYC for your female-female marriage. We cater to all walks of life so if you are looking for a female stripper to dance for you and you are female, no problem! Our experienced Manhattan strippers come from all backgrounds and orientations. Hire a stripper from The Bachelor Party Hookup Today!


Any Occasion Strippers 

Divorce party? Promotion? Quit your job? New job? Just because? Our female strippers in NYC are prepared to help you celebrate any occasion, even for no reason. Enjoy your life and hire a stripper in NYC to celebrate being alive! Our strippers are the best and sexiest in Manhattan so look no further than The Bachelor Party Hookup!

A little NYC Stripper history! 

Commonly referred to as NYC strippers or NYC go-go girls, are women who do it for a living and prefer to be called “exotic dancers.” Exotic Dancers in NYC is an art form that built NYC establishments and they work in areas commonly called NYC strip clubs, but their NYC bachelor party clientele prefers to call their businesses NYC “gentlemen’s clubs.” The bottom line is that female strippers in NYC get paid to entertain men by dancing suggestively and super sexy in as little clothing as possible without getting arrested haha, and in locations where laws allow, they dance in totally nude strip clubs sometimes as well. Regardless of the style, the field of stripping in NYC is dominated by women strippers. Male strippers (think Hunk-O-Mania) make up less than a third of the professional community. Hunk-O-Mania and Muscle Men Male Strippers have locations in 23 cities in The United States there are 100 times more female strip clubs in the U.S.


Thinking back to the 14th century, we found the advent of erotic dancing or stripping in the Middle East, in the art form of belly dancing. Not a thread of clothing was removed in these NYC Clubs but with its furious movements of the hips and pelvis, belly dancing was meant to induce pleasure of a sexual nature and became extremely popular in the NYC Nightlife Scene. Audience members would toss coins at the belly dancers, representing the first-time female strippers for hire in NYC who were paid cash for their erotic dancing/stripping services and made tips with dollar bills, not coins at these Strip Clubs and Stripper for hire bachelor events. During this time, erotic dancing was also common in the temples of India in the form of sacred rituals. Male and Female Strippers in NYC are hired for private events such as NYC bachelor and NYC bachelorette parties and also work at Strip Clubs in NYC.

Burlesque Shows

Fast forward to more modern times, when erotic dancing and strippers blossomed in Manhattan. From NYC to Britain in the late 1800s, the rise of British burlesque houses influenced Strippers in NYC. An English dancer, comedian, actress, and theatrical producer, became one of the most famous burlesque dancers on the London stage. Originally, burlesque performances incorporated a complete act with a combination of music, singing, humor, dance, theatrics, and sexual parody; women undressing sensually were only part of the burlesque show. That Burlesque dancer is credited with bringing burlesque to America in 1868 with her troupe of “British Blondes' performing in NYC theaters. Her performances involved chorus lines of beautiful, scantily clad women and sometimes involved audience intimacy without contact. No doubt, the burlesque industry in NYC quickly discovered that the main attraction was sex. Over time, burlesque shows began focusing mainly on suggestive sexual dances similar to what strippers do in Strip Clubs. The routines turned raunchy. Women became more uninhibited and the acts became more risqué. Of course, in the day and time, we are living in, thankfully the strippers and the strip clubs have become so mainstream and are just an amazing place to have fun and hang out while seeing some very sexy strippers!

Hire The Best Strippers

When searching for NYC strippers, NYC exotic dancers, NYC strip clubs, NYC strippers near me, NYC female strippers, or NYC female strippers near me; you hope to find the best NYC stripper company possible. That is sometimes, however not the case and some of the NYC strippers-for-hire companies are less than great. You must be careful when you hire any stripper from an NYC female stripper company and do your due diligence. We are the best NYC stripper company out there and have served thousands of happy customers with our hundreds of happy NYC female strippers. The next time you search for strippers near me or female strippers in NYC, research your options, call the company, and get a sense of what they are about. Happy NYC strippers equal happy NYC customers. Choose the best NYC strippers and NYC female stripper companies. What is the cost is not usually discussed when talking about hiring a stripper. We have great prices but we have the best experience you can imagine with our strippers. When you think about some of the NYC stripper companies out there, it can have negative connotations due to the less-than-sub-par experience some of them offer. We are looking to change the view of the NYC female stripper-for-hire company. We are focused on experience, the best experience begins with the strippers. We take care of our NYC female strippers and they show it! The NYC strippers show their enthusiasm with our company by giving the client the best strip tease and dance of their lives!


How do I hire an NYC female stripper?

Our Booking Process for hiring female strippers in NYC, New York, is as easy as ordering a pizza online. Simply fill out a form and receive instant notification of confirmation! You will be instantly notified that your female stripper or strippers are booked, so you can rest assured and start preparing for your NYC bachelor party, NYC birthday party, NYC bachelorette party, or a fun night out in NYC and leave the strippers to us! Still not sure? Try it now by going here: Entertainer Booking Form.


How long do I get the female strippers for my party when I book online through The Bachelor Party Stripper Hookup NYC?

All stripper parties are at least 45 minutes long unless you specify less time. However, that doesn’t mean the strippers won’t stay longer! If they are having a great time (and receiving good tips), they will stay up to an hour ;)


What if I need an NYC female stripper or female strippers for longer than the 45-minute minimum? Could I pay the NYC stripper personally to stay longer while she is already there?

If you know in advance that you will want to hire a stripper in NYC, New York, for longer than 45 minutes, it is necessary to specify that in the booking form in advance. This is to ensure you can have the stripper for the time you need, keep in mind that they may have other shows at other locations right after yours, so they may not be able to stay.


Okay, that sounds good and all, but what is the cost to hire a female stripper or more than one female stripper in NYC?

The underlying cost to hire a female stripper is $250.00 per 45-minute to 1-hour party in the metro area! This price is based on the metro area you are hiring for. This cost covers anything and everything within a 10-mile radius of that metro area. Please refer to the Hire a female stripper page of The Bachelor Party Hookup to see the pricing for anything over 10 miles from the metro area. Also, never hesitate to call or inquire via email with any questions regarding hiring one or more female strippers in NYC! We are here to help you with your stripper hiring journey!

Do you have costumes or clothing that I can choose for the stripper(s)?

With female strippers we usually do not carry costumes however, you can request one on the booking form in the special notes section and we will work together with you to fulfill your stripper costume request.  


How far in advance should we book our NYC stripper(s)?

The obvious answer: it’s always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible to streamline the stripper booking process and ensure there will be a stripper in NYC or the surrounding areas available for your party. We know that you don’t always know when you will want to hire a female stripper until days or even hours before, and that is okay too! We can take last-minute bookings, no problem! Please note that there may be an extra charge for same-day stripper bookings.


How are tips handled? Are they included in the booking deposit when paying the strippers the cash upon arrival?

The deposit allows us to tell the female stripper you are serious about hiring them for your party. The cash upon arrival is just the base pay for the stripper and does not include tips. As always, they are very grateful for the tips!


I don’t have a room number from the hotel I am staying at for my bachelor party or birthday party. I am renting a female stripper to come to the party, what do I do?

Suppose you want to hire an NYC female stripper for a private show in a hotel and don’t have the room number yet, no worries! The stripper will text or call you a few hours before the show to confirm the information! And will get that information from you!


When we hire female strippers in NYC New York, there will be girls in the group and private parties. Do we need to hire a gay-friendly female stripper? Do you offer those? What if there are males and females in the group?

No worries. We can most definitely accommodate any type of party: strippers for females or bachelorette parties, strippers for male-female couples, female strippers for male-male, strippers for bisexuals, or any combination! If you need gay-friendly strippers, bisexual strippers, or straight (heterosexual) strippers, we have your party covered! Please note in the special notes what type of stripper you would like to ensure we send the best exotic dancer for your party!


Does your New York female stripper-for-hire business have party bus strippers or party limo strippers?

Of course, we do! We can send our New York strippers in party buses, limos, or other transportation as long as there will be completely sober transportation! Safety first for our strippers and customers! You must be able to pick the entertainer up and drop them off at the same location once the time is up. You can also pay for transportation via Uber, Taxi, or Lyft as long as it is safe!


What are our options when hiring an NYC stripper for a private party for locations?

That is completely up to you as to where you throw your private stripper party! This is a good chance to get creative and have a one-of-a-kind stripper party! Examples of our prior customers include hotels, Airbnb, Limos, Party Buses, Private Event Spaces, Business Space Rentals, Private Houses, Apartments, Condos, Garages, Back Yard Parties, nightclubs, Bars, Lounges, and Temporary Rental Spaces. In short, we have parties almost anywhere you can think of!


What is the requirement for a minimum number of guests?

No minimum guest requirement. You can treat yourself to a private stripper alone, or you can have a party with hundreds of other people, the choice is yours!


How do I pay for the stripper or strippers when hiring from your NYC stripper company?

After using the booking form online on, and paying the booking deposit with a credit card, you will receive a confirmation in the email you specify.

On the same day of the event you have scheduled, the exotic entertainer will call or text you to confirm the details, location, time, and other specifics. This gets you direct communication with your exact entertainer and allows you to speak with them, so there is zero confusion! You should prepare to have the remaining balance in cash upon arrival of the entertainer! After that, it is game on! So, in summary:

You pay a deposit after filling out the form.

You pay the stripper directly in cash upon arrival!

The fun begins!


How does tipping work? Is there a minimum requirement?

We don’t enforce a tipping requirement; however, we believe that the stripper or strippers should be compensated for a job well done. Tips are much appreciated! The strippers work hard to hone their skills, so this means working when they are not working, practicing, and training! Our strippers are the best in the world and spend countless hours each week in the gym, on the dance floor, and on the stripper pole! An average tip of at least $20.00 per attendee is a great start and the standard rate, but this should be adjusted higher for an excellent performance!



Something came up, and I need to cancel the stripper reservations. What do I do!?

We apologize for the inconvenience; there are no refunds on booking/deposit fees once you pay online. We can, however, reschedule your stripper or strippers if you need to cancel! If you cancel greater than or equal to 72 hours before your stripper is booked, it is free of charge. If you do so with less than 72 hours' notice, there will be a $25 rebooking fee.


Can we take pictures/photographs?

YES! Photos are generally allowed, but please be mindful that some of these beautiful ladies are not just strippers pretending to be Cops, Doctors, Nurses, or Firewomen, but some are! Some of our strippers may not want to be noticed for reasons such as these, so please respect each performer's request. Most of the time, it is not the case, and you can snap away!


Are you allowed to touch the strippers?

YES! Photos are generally allowed, but please be mindful that some of these beautiful ladies are not just strippers pretending to be Cops, Doctors, Nurses, or Firewomen, but some are! Some of our strippers may not want to be noticed for reasons such as these, so please respect each performer's request. Most of the time, it is not the case, and you can snap away!


Do the entertainers get completely naked?

Getting nude is not promised and is discretionary to the individual dancer/performer. Please be respectful and ask if the entertainer is comfortable with getting entirely nude for the party. If she is comfortable getting naked, she will. And remember…. NO HANKY PANKY!

NYC Bachelor Party History!


Although many people may think that Bachelor Parties are relatively new and mainstream events that men do when they are on the road to getting married, this is surprisingly not the case, and bachelor parties have been around much longer than one would expect. Interestingly Bachelor Parties can be traced back to ancient history, whereas the start of the bachelor party was reported to be held as early as the 5th Century B.C. The Ancient Spartans are believed to be the first to make a commemoration out of a current groom’s last night as a single man. The Spartan soldiers would hold a dinner in honor of the groom, which would include drinks and toasts on the groom's behalf. Since then, Bachelor Parties have significantly evolved into the event that we all know and love today, which celebrates a soon-to-be-married bachelor's last night out with their best guy friends before they are married to their other half. The tradition of the Bachelor Party is a huge milestone for any man and should be a night and or weekend that a soon-to-be-married bachelor and their best friends remember for the rest of their lives.

Although Bachelor Parties have been held since the 5th Century B.C. with the Ancient Spartans, the term “Bachelor Party” did not appear until around 1922, and the traditional event has come to be known by different names in different countries. For example, in the U.K., Ireland, and Canada they call their bachelor parties “the stag party”, and in Australia, they call their form of a bachelor party “the buck’s party”. This clearly shows that the event of a Bachelor Party is held all over the world and is a very important part of pre-marriage festivities. It has also evolved to the idea that it is the groom’s best man’s job to arrange the bachelor party and make it an unforgettable night for the soon-to-be-married bachelor and all of his groomsmen. This gets us to one of the most important parts of bachelor parties today, which would be none other than strippers.


When most men think about Bachelor Parties it is almost guaranteed that the first thing that comes to their mind is the city of NYC and Strippers. One of the main reasons for this is the hilarious 2009 hit film The Hangover which follows four main characters who go out for their friend's Bachelor Party two nights before his wedding. The movie depicts wild partying and hilariously displays how to have an amazing Bachelor Party in NYC, minus all of the hilarious mayhem that they get into. Undoubtedly the movie had its inspiration since NYC is one of the most popular Bachelor Party spots in the world and is essentially where any man would dream of having their Bachelor Party. NYC is decked with numerous top-notch casinos, nightclubs, strip clubs, bars, restaurants, and beautiful landscapes, and is home to the number one Bachelor Party company in the world, The Bachelor Party Hookup.


For anyone planning a Bachelor Party and making the smart decision to plan for it to be in NYC, The Bachelor Party Hookup will give you everything that you need to have an unforgettable trip. The company is home to the hottest top-notch dancers in NYC and the world. These trained professionals will make your NYC Bachelor experience unforgettable, with Bachelor Party games designed for the special man of the night and his groomsmen along with dances for everyone involved. Truthfully one can not have an unforgettable Bachelor Party in NYC without the most beautiful exotic well-trained dancers that you will ever have the privilege of laying eyes on. So don’t wait dancers are being booked at The Bachelor Party Hookup as you read this paper, so do yourself a favor and book the strippers now, to make sure that your soon-to-be-married friend has the best night of his life as well.

Jack B

I was celebrating my Bachelor Party in NYC when my best man surprised me with strippers from The Bachelor Party Hookup at our Airbnb. I usually am a little weary and uncomfortable when it comes to strippers and strip clubs, however, I had an amazing experience and wouldn’t change any of it for the world. The dancers could tell that I was a little uncomfortable at first and they did an amazing job making sure that I was comfortable and talked to me for a little while before getting into some games. By the end of the show, I did not want them to leave and even almost paid myself for another two hours with them. They were the best dancers that I have ever seen and were also very genuine. When I come back to NYC for my other friend's Bachelor Party I am 100% booking with this company again! I am very happy that I got to have this amazing experience my last time out as a single man with my best friends!

Allan H

Recently I just had my Bachelor Party in NYC, and wow was it an amazing time. My best man organized getting me strippers from The Bachelor Party Hookup and I was truly amazed at how professional and fun the dancers were. I have hired strippers before in NYC for my other friend's Bachelor Party through a different company who were okay, but not nearly as good as the ones that were booked for mine. I had an extraordinary experience and plan on booking through this company again whenever I do come back to NYC. I am very happy that I was able to share this one-of-a-kind experience with my best friends before I start my new lease on life and strippers and partying are a thing of the past.


Jeff M

Not going to lie at first I thought the reviews for this company were made up, however, after experiencing it myself I know that cannot be true. I honestly do not know what I was expecting when I booked two strippers from the Bachelor Party Hookup in NYC for my best friend's Bachelor Party. But I knew I needed them to be perfect to live up to my duty as the best man. Let me just say I asked everyone in our group what their favorite night of the Bachelor Party trip was, and everyone said the night that we booked strippers. The strippers that we booked from this company were beautiful, professional, easy-going, and hilarious, and made sure that everyone in the group felt included and had an amazing time. I truly hope that when it is my turn to get married and my best man is planning my Bachelor Party in NYC he books strippers from this company because it truly made for an unforgettable trip with my best friends.

Sam K

This past weekend I had my Bachelor Party in NYC with four of my best guy friends. Since my friends and I are so close I didn’t pick the best man. I just had it that they are all my best men and are equal so when it came to planning my Bachelor Party, we all planned it together. On our last night there my friends and I decided that we wanted to book some strippers into our Airbnb where we were staying. The first company that we saw come up on Google was the Bachelor Party Hookup and after doing some research on the company we did not hesitate to book. The company truly lives up to their names as my friends and I had an amazing time with the dancers that we booked from the company. It was a perfect way to end my Bachelor Party with a bang and be accompanied by the best strippers that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and being in the company of. Would book from this company again! They were great!

Adam D

For my buddy's Bachelor Party, I was not the party planner, but I knew that he wanted one night with strippers and that his best man wasn’t going to make it happen. So, I took matters into my own hands and booked strippers from the NYC Bachelor Party Hookup myself to make sure that my friend had the full Bachelor Party experience. And let me just say everyone was very happy that I did. The NYC strippers were amazing, and my friends and I had the night of our lives. The strippers that we booked made my soon-to-be-married friend feel like a king and catered to his every need and whatever he wanted to do with the time we had with them within reason. The strippers were very professional and surprisingly genuine, and they made sure that we all were comfortable and had a great night. Recommend booking from this company for whoever wants their Bachelor Party vacation taken to the next level, and to have a trip that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

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