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Private Party Stripper


Make your celebration even sexier by hiring our hot and sexy strippers!  These girls will put a smile on all of your guests' faces as they come to you ready for sexy fun! Nothing is left to the imagination, these girls will show you all have to offer.  Our gorgeous girls will make any occasion, including a birthday party or bachelor party a time no one will ever forget! 

We supply strippers and party staff for all adult events including bachelor parties, birthday parties, guy nights out, poker parties, divorce parties, etc. Not only do our girls come with a smile, but they are sexy, flirty, and outgoing. They will talk and joke with your guests and enhance your party environment. Our girls are young and gorgeous. All of our team members are model-quality and physically fit. If you're looking for the best in the United States, look no further, our girls are here to serve you!

Are you a young, ambitious lady? interested in financial stability? Join The Bachelor Party Hookup team! We pre-screen all clients and events for your safety and have a zero-tolerance policy for rude party guests.


Great pay, quick pay, and tips galore! Apply Today!

We supply the sexiest girls for events!

Our strippers and party staff are most popular for bachelor parties. Other great opportunities to include our girls include birthday parties, guys' nights out, poker games, Las Vegas-themed events, and we've even had a divorce party!

Need something more risque and sexy as hell for your group? Be sure to check out  our NUDETopless, and Bikini/Lingerie bartenders and servers too! 

We're hiring strippers!

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